The Veteran Wellbeing Network MNC is dedicated to provide Learning and Development (L&D) opportunities and events for its Practitioners. L&D opportunities and events include:

  • Initial complementary learning events for Wellbeing and Compensation Advocates courses provided by the Advocates Training and Development Program (ATDP).
  • Continuous Professional Development opportunities and events conducted by ATDP, other external organisations and in-house.
  • The Delivery of Wellbeing Support Officers Courses.

The Veteran Wellbeing Network MNC also has its own dedicated Learning Knowledge System (LKS) using the Moodle delivery Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development overs a wide range of professional development options. ‘Formal CPD‘ involves activities such as participation in short courses that enhance or add to your skills similar to those events listed on the ATDP website. It includes activities such as work-related courses and attendance at conferences. ‘Informal CPD‘ includes learning new skills on the job and being mentored by somebody with more experience in your field and includes the twice weekly CPD sessions provided by VWNMNC. Informal CPD can also take place away from work settings – for example when professionals learn about leadership by volunteering in their their local community.