This page is always construction and only partially completed! Please email Geoff Harrison to provide the names and contact details of service providers in your area.

The following list of Service and Support Providers is categorised by the Seven Domains from the AIHW Veteran-centred Model. Some of the Service and Support Providers may appear in two or more Domains. For each Domain there are the Service and Support Providers which provide services and support Nation or State wide and then there are Providers identified relative to one of the VWNMNC Mini-hubs (Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Midcoast – Taree)).

Care Navigators

Recently there has been a proliferation of organisations called “care navigators”. Care Navigators do not provide services directly to the Veteran and their Family, but rather they direct the Veteran to support services. Care navigators are directories to local service supporters and relieve the necessity for ESOs to maintain directories with service providers. As care navigators cover a multitude of services within the seven domains i have given them their own category.




Social support

Income and finance

Education and skills

Justice and safety