The Veterans’ Wellbeing Network Mid North Coast (NSW) provides Wellbeing, Compensation and Advocacy services to Veterans and their Families along the New South Wales Mid North Coast stretching from Grafton in the north to the Midcoast LGA (Taree) in the south.

The Veterans’ Wellbeing Network MNC uses a ‘hub and spoke’ approach to providing Wellbeing support to Veterans and their Families. The ‘hubs’ or Centres are:

The Veteran Wellbeing Network MNC Centres provide:

  • A central focus for spokes to refer Veterans and their Families;
  • A coordination centre for spoke locations;
  • Be a calming and restorative place for healing, and a node for connection with local and distant friends and families;
  • Provide access to safe and welcoming community facilities and recreational activities;
  • Facilitate access to all services required by the Veteran Centred Wellbeing Model;
  • Meet the needs of veterans and their families throughout their lives from transition onwards;
  • Provide on-line, self-help through an internet kiosk;
  • Face-to-face and virtual wellbeing support and advocacy services;
  • Be a valued resource for veterans, their families, wellbeing service providers and the wider community well into the future; and
  • Provide resources for and support to local Advocates.

Please click on the above links to access the appropriate Veterans’ Wellbeing Network MNC  Centre hub.

The ‘spokes’ which provide local community support direct to Veterans include many of the Ex-Service Organisations located within the NSW Mid North Coast region.